On the one hand, GUI testing, which stands for graphical user interface, tests the functionality of the graphical elements of a software application. It essentially tests whether GUI elements, such as CTAs or menus, are not only displayed properly, but also functioning as expected. UI testing what is gui testing is essential to ensure that the usability and functionality of an application performs as expected. This is critical for delivering the kinds of user experiences that ensure an application’s success. After all, nobody wants to use an app where text is unreadable, or where buttons don’t work.

Check if your website or application is compatible across different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Also, checking how your website or products adapts to different devices and screen size is mandatory. So, usually, it is automated using a cross-browser testing tool like Testsigma for quick and efficient results. Gather visual data and insights about user behavior, interaction, and engagement on your websites and digital products with heatmapping software. In this article, we uncover what heatmap tools are, their types and pricing, as well as their role in improving digital products. In a nutshell, GUI testing, which stands for graphic user interface testing, is a subset of UI testing.

UI Testing: A Beginner’s Guide With 6 Checklists and Examples

With the right tools and processes, you can always ensure that you deliver high-quality, user-friendly products. This comprehensive GUI testing checklist will help you to ensure that all aspects of your GUI have been thoroughly tested, paving the way for a bug-free product. This blog post will provide a detailed, comprehensive GUI testing checklist to help software developers and testers ensure that all components of their user interface have been properly tested.

gui testing checklist

In this case, a tester manually uses all the features of the website or app to check for any discrepancies. This makes sense when the software has a limited number of UI elements, which is usually the case in initial versions of a website or app. However, given the tech-savvy user base of our times, most expect software with rich, layered user interfaces with hundreds, perhaps thousands of UI elements that require verification. This makes manual testing inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to human error. For example, imagine how many times a user has to manually input information into a page with more than 10 input fields if the page has to be tested with multiple sets of values. GUI is a type of UI that uses graphical elements to represent information and actions.


GUI testing refers to the validating UI functions or features of an application that are visible to the users, and they should comply with business requirements. Strict deadlines may not allow you to test your application on both device types, though it has merits. Visual testing on simulators and emulators eliminates the cost of maintaining a device lab. But that can’t be the only reason to rule out visual testing on a real device cloud. Testers cannot perform quality checks on emulator texting or voice command features. Conclusively, mobile user interface testing has become crucial for today’s software development, and thus one needs to follow specific guidelines while carrying out mobile UI testing.

In order to avoid these problems, it is necessary to provide a thorough UI testing on your project. Learn all about UI Automation, tools, best practices, how to perform UI Automation, and UI Automatio… The article provides a detailed guide to UI testing, especially for beginners.

Following are open source tools available to conduct automated UI Test. The following checklist will ensure detailed GUI Testing in Software Testing. A user doesn’t have any knowledge about XYZ software/Application. It is the UI of the Application which decides that a user is going to use the Application further or not. Also, if the user resizes the screen, neither images nor content should shrink or crop or overlap.

It offers web and app testing with 3000+real browsers and devices from anywhere. There happen so many changes in the components of an application very frequently. And with changing components, it becomes difficult to ensure everything is working properly.

  • UI can make or break your product, so conducting user interface testing regularly is of paramount importance.
  • The first thing that you notice when you open an application or install software, it’s the interface; practically the user interface is the first thing a user sees.
  • ➡️ UI testing evaluates a product’s interface, including it’s visual identity, interactions, and responsiveness.
  • Ensure acceptable levels of mobile app performance by following the best practises from this checkli…